Teeth Whitening in Westfield NJ

While looking in the mirror, you notice that your teeth aren’t as white as in the past. Is this a situation you must live with from now on? The answer is no. We have teeth whitening solutions that can help restore your smile. Contact us and set up an examination today, and we’ll go over those options with you.

Reasons Why Your Teeth Look So Dull

There are a number of reasons why your teeth may have a dull appearance. One of the most common has to do with what you consume. Certain foods and beverages can stain the teeth over time. This includes coffee, tea, red wine, a variety of foods that contain chromogens. Over time, chromogens attach to the enamel and cause your teeth to appear darker.

The use of tobacco products can also lead to a dull look. Tar and nicotine stain the teeth and cause a yellowish appearance.

Enamel can wear things over time. That allows the dentin to show through to some degree. Since dentin is not the same hue as the enamel, your teeth appear dull.

There are also medications that may darken the teeth. This is true for some medications that are used to treat high blood pressure and a number of chronic ailments.

With some of these conditions, teeth whitening Westfield NJ will help restore the look of your teeth. See us for a dental exam and we’ll identify the underlying cause. If whitening is not right for you, we have other solutions to consider.

Understanding How Whitening Treatments Work

Whitening treatments are designed to break down the stains resting on the enamel. Many forms of treatment include the measured use of bleaching products developed for the purpose. When used correctly, they help to lighten the appearance of your teeth and restore a natural hue.

Before undergoing any treatments, we will assess the condition of your teeth and determine if whitening treatments will provide any benefits. Feel free to ask us any questions that you have during the examination.

What are My Options for Teeth Whitening?

We recommend whitening treatments under the care of a dentist. The benefit is that the treatments are controlled and are likely to produce results sooner than using over-the-counter whitening products.

We offer patients two options for teeth whitening Westfield; ask us about the merits of each one. Depending on the condition of your teeth, we may recommend one approach over the other.

We can supply you with an at-home bleaching kit that you can use over a period of time. The kits come with everything that you need, including instructions to follow. You also have access to our team at any time. Contact us with any questions or concerns that arise during the home treatments.

Depending on the severity of the yellowing, an at-home kit supplied by us may take anywhere from several days to a few weeks before any appreciable results are detected. Even so, you are likely to see results sooner with our kits than with over-the-counter products.

The other option is in-office whitening treatments. This solution offers the greatest amount of professional care and allows the dental team to observe the results in real-time. You will also find that this approach provides results faster than any other option.

There is no reason why you have to spend the rest of your life looking at dull teeth in the mirror. Contact us today and schedule an appointment. Tell us what you have in mind and we’ll keep that in mind while we evaluate your teeth. Once we determine that some form of Westfield NJ teeth whitening will work for you, our team will go over the options and help you select the right one.

Call today and learn more about whitening options and find out if this could be the answer that you’ve been seeking.