Root Canal Treatment in Westfield NJ

When your dental professional recommends a root canal, it means the level of damage to the tooth is severe. There are often signs of some type of gum infection present. Rather than removing the tooth, the goal is to treat the infection while using different methods to repair the damaged tooth.

Why a Root Canal?

You should undergo a root canal treatment because of the amount of damage present. It could be a deep cavity, an increased amount of sensitivity to hot and cold, or the failure of an old filling. Schedule an appointment with us and we will determine if a root canal is right in your case.

Is There an Alternative to Having a Root Canal?

Opting for root canal therapy restores the tooth, gets rid of the infection, and eliminates the pain. You have two alternatives to undergoing this procedure. One is to do nothing, which will only lead to a bad situation getting worse. That’s not an option you want to choose.

Another option is tooth extraction. Keep in mind the goal is to retain your natural teeth for as long as possible. If our team recommends the root canal, it’s because we believe the tooth is worth saving. Talk with us in more detail and we’ll tell you why we recommend this solution instead of an extraction.

Don’t Root Canals Hurt?

As with any dental procedure, you will find that having a root canal in Westfield NJ may result in some pain afterward. Most patients find that using a recommended over-the-counter pain reliever is sufficient to dull the pain until it subsides. Don’t select any over-the-counter products. Talk with us and we’ll recommend a pain reliever that will work best in your case.

Before the procedure, you will receive local anesthesia that numbs the area around and under the tooth. This ensures that you can remain comfortable while the work is underway. Ask and we are happy to explain to you what we will do to ensure that you do not experience pain while the work is in progress.

How Long Will the Root Canal Take to Perform?

Generally speaking, the actual procedure will take somewhere between a half-hour and an hour. If there are any complications, the Westfield NJ root canal may take longer. Keep in mind that our team will keep you for a short time. This is to ensure that you are aware enough to leave the office and to provide instructions for care that should be followed for the next several days.

Keep in mind that we provide details about root canals in Westfield NJ in advance. That includes a projected amount of time that the procedure will take, and how long we will ask you to stay afterward. Feel free to ask us any questions that come to mind.

Will I Need a Crown After the Root Canal?

It’s not unusual for a patient to need a crown once the root canal is completed. This is especially true when decay has destroyed a large portion of the tooth. In this type of case, we may recommend a crown along with a filling.

The recommendations our team makes are based on the specifics of your case. Depending on the reason for the root canal, a crown may not be needed. Before the procedure takes place, we will go over the examination and X-ray findings with you, discuss what needs to be done, and ensure that you understand what we feel will be in the interests of restoring your dental health.

If you are experiencing pain in the form of sensitivity, or if you have a deep cavity and sense some discomfort in the tooth or gum, contact us today. Arrange to meet with our root canal specialist in Westfield NJ and undergo an examination. Once the results are in, our team can ensure that you have the right treatment to restore your tooth and eliminate the pain.

For more information about root canals, contact us today.