Cosmetic Dentists in Westfield NJ

Cosmetic dentistry is a term that is used to identify any dental treatment that is focused on improving the appearance of the teeth. That doesn’t mean that these procedures do nothing to enhance the function or the durability of your teeth. What it does mean is that your smile will be improved as a result of undergoing those procedures.

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What Sort of Dental Issues Can a Cosmetic Dentist Solve?

A cosmetic dentist can recommend courses of treatment that help in a number of different scenarios. Restoring the look of a tooth after some type of damage is a common example. If your tooth is cracked or chipped after an event, cosmetic work that involves the use of crowns and/or veneers can restore the look as well as aid in protecting the tooth from more damage.

Cosmetic dentistry can also help in cases where teeth have become worn with age. That includes treatments that help to remove stains as well as return teeth to a natural size and shape. The goal is more than just appearance in cases like these; the right combination of cosmetic work can also improve function and help with chewing or even the ability to enunciate clearly.

Are All Cosmetic Treatments Covered by Insurance?

Many of the treatments included in dentistry cosmetic procedures are covered at least in part by dental insurance. To be sure, the best approach is to consult with your provider and find out how it would apply in specific situations.

You’re likely to find there is no question about treatments being covered after some sort of accident. You may also find that some options for cosmetic work are covered when routine work like fillings are employed.

Our team can evaluate your dental condition and provide insight into what sort of cosmetic treatments should be included. From there, we can help you determine if your insurance will cover the costs. Talk with us about the options for covering the costs before the procedures are scheduled.

Why Would I Want to Undergo Any Type of Cosmetic Dental Procedure?

You may decide to consult a cosmetic dentist in Westfield NJ for a number of reasons. One may have to do with restoring the look of your teeth after an accident. In this scenario, the cosmetic work is considered part of a restorative effort. The goal is to get your smile and the function of your teeth back to their previous status.

Patients sometimes opt for cosmetic procedures because other methods won’t help enhance the look of their teeth. For example, whitening treatments may not be right for you because of a previous loss of enamel. In this scenario, you may opt for dental veneers and possible crowns to restore your smile. Whether for restorative or purely cosmetic reasons, opting for treatments recommended by cosmetic dentists in Westfield NJ can do a great deal in terms of boosting self-confidence. If something like using implants to fill in gaps will help you feel more comfortable around other people, undergoing the procedures are worth the time and the expense.

Are All Cosmetic Treatments Covered by Insurance?

Where Can I Find Out More About Cosmetic Treatments That Are Right For Me?

Contact us today and set up an appointment to see one of our Westfield NJ cosmetic dentists. We will conduct a full examination and identify the types of treatments that will improve appearance as well as help with the function and general health of your teeth and gums.

If you have any questions, ask our Westfield NJ cosmetic dentist. We’re happy to share information about how different treatments are carried out, the type of results to expect, and even how long they may take.

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